Society Registration :              MAH/9335, 1999.

 Trust Registration :                        F-7014,  1999

 Goods and Service Tax :      27AABTJ6520D1D7

 Income Tax Exemption (80G) : 

PN/CIT(Exempt)/Tech/80G/596/2017-18/7356                                                 Date- 27/03/2019

 Income Tax 12A : 

              A’bad Reg/1624/573/2016-17/3092

                                            Dated 29.09.2017

 Income Tax Pan No :          AABTJ6520D

 Niti Aayog UID :          MH/2016/0108768

About Us


Empowerment and Sustainable Development  in  101 Villages from Latur District.


Transforming the poor and vulnerable social elements to live with lasting dignity



Organize people into micro-sustainable development groups, empower them to solve problems on their own